The Secret to Increasing Your Influence (and Why You Need It)

We all have a sphere of influence. Whether a student, a housewife, or a CEO, we all have relationships in our lives. Where there is a relationship, there is an opportunity for influence. When we seize those opportunities for influence, we become leaders.

There is immense potential to use our influence for good but often we miss the opportunities; they slip past us because we either second-guess ourselves and choose to play small, or because we choose to hide behind an artificial facade. That facade might look like a position title, behind which we content ourselves with forced or artificial leadership, instead of the heart-felt and connected kind that actually changes the world.

Whether we dumb down, veil our brilliance, or shrink away from responsibility… Or whether we beef up the bravado and shore up our defences of authority and capability… We are playing ourselves, and the world, short.

Effective leadership is the kind that people want to buy into, the kind that breeds loyalty, the kind that feels passionate and joyful instead of dull and cumbersome, the kind that gets results. And the secret to this kind of leadership is this: be bold.

  • Bold leadership will allow you to relinquish control and release your team into their own success (don’t worry, it’ll come back to you).
  • Bold leadership will allow you to embrace the strength of vulnerability and let the people you lead know who you really are – giving them something to love, something to buy into, and something relatable to learn from. People are loyal to people, not positions.
  • Boldness will see you step up to a new level simply because you believe in yourself, even when you’re trembling inside.

Be bold, fellow leaders, the world needs you. Not your job description or position title. Not the person down the hall who is more qualified. You. When you bring your true self to the table, the possibilities for deep and lasting influence are endless.


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