Do You Believe This Leadership Lie?

There is a lie about leadership that is both endemic and debilitating.

Believing it too often leads people to excuse themselves from living a pro-active, influential life.

Even smart people in leadership positions, at the helm of significant organisations or teams, can settle into comfortable mediocrity as a result of this lie.

It robs us of the joy of living a life on-purpose. And it robs the world of our unique gifts.

Here it is. Uncovered, it looks small. Insignificant. Ineffective. But lurking behind preconceived mindsets it is masterful at defeating potential:

Leadership is only for a select few.

Or maybe for you it sounds like this:

Leadership is for those with important, or public, positions.

Leadership is for certain personality types: the charismatic salesman or the persuasive orator.

If you think this way, chances are you follow it up with something along the lines of: that’s why I am not a leader. Or, sure I’m a leader in a certain capacity, but I’ll never be as influential as…

Here’s the truth, as I said in my previous post on increasing influence: we all have a sphere of influence, whether small or large. And we all have a unique gift, talent, resource, passion or perspective that can create positive change in that sphere of influence. This instills upon all of us the responsibility to lead.

Will you boldly step up to answer the call to significance and meaning on your life? Will you accept the mantle and embrace the adventure? Will you speak up for what you believe in, bring the idea to the table, present the proposal, proactively manage your time and energy, and engage change and innovation in your team?

To believe the lie and leave it to someone else would be a tragedy of lost potential.

What you could achieve if you took one bold step forward in your leadership? Please share it in the comments!


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