You’re No Underdog!

Bible readers or not, most of us know the David & Goliath story. And, if you’re in business, leadership, or engaged in doing anything significant in the world, chances are you have felt, at some point, like little underdog David up against a big hairy giant.

Maybe you feel like that today, in one or several areas of your life.

But here’s something about David recently and powerfully brought to light in the book by Malcolm Gladwell: David was more equipped for battle than we have traditionally been led to think. He had a back-story. In the middle of the mundane everyday, overlooked, David was honing the very skills that would define him as a king. And the sling that he wielded against Goliath was not a shepherd boy’s toy, but a powerful and strategic weapon of warfare.

The same is true for you and I. We are not underdogs, fighting upstream against impossible odds. We possess experience, knowledge and skill. Passion and perspective. Don’t despise the resources that seem unexciting and second-nature to you; when used correctly, they are the very things that make your message and leadership unique and compelling.

You may not yet posses the weapons that you need for tomorrow’s battles, but you do possess the weapons needed for today. You simply need the boldness to use them, and to use them well.


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