Do You Feel Stuck and Unmotivated? How to Rediscover Your Momentum

Last night I used one of my favourite coaching techniques on myself.

I’ve been completely stuck on a project that I started about 12 months ago, and have been spinning my wheels in the mud with next to no forward motion for most of that time. It’s always on the back of my mind though, hanging around like a dark cloud reminding me that there is still something I haven’t done, though I feel vague on what it is, how to do it, or why I need to do it.

Do you know the feeling?

To make it worse, the frustration of getting NOWHERE on that one project is beginning to steal the joy and motivation out of everything else I am doing that is moving forward. No fun.

So this is the technique I used: question everything about what is making me stuck. Why am I doing that project anyway? Do I need to do it? Who said I need to do it? Is there a different way?

Often what makes us stuck initially is stepping into a project that’s not quite right for us, but doing so with all the best intentions. Not so bad. What keeps us stuck are false expectations or standards that we impose upon ourselves, which say we have to finish what we start and finishing must look a certain way.

Who said? Just because you signed up to an e-Book about making a 6 figure business on-line, doesn’t mean that you should be selling webinars on the internet! Sometimes we need to pull our antennae in, shut out the noise, and get back to what is core to us – our gifts, values and passions.

Business is about growth – change – evolution. The core vision may not change, but the strategy to get there certainly does. So if something’s not working, let’s ask the hard questions and free ourselves of those false and limiting, life-sucking expectations. If it’s not working, question it. If you’ve lost the motivation for it, question it. Maybe do it a different way. Maybe get someone else to do it for you. Or maybe scrap it all together. That’s not failure, by the way. It’s growth. And freedom.

I scrapped something last night, and immediately felt a whole new world of possibility, flow and energy.

Are you stuck on anything? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels in the mud and not sure why you can’t seem to move forward? Tell me about it in the comments or drop me an email. Let’s see if we can question the hell out of that bog hole and get you free again!



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