Do You Have What It Takes?

Creativity, Courage, personal development, bold leadership

Your best work is not a copy of someone else’s with a different logo and colour scheme. If you want to have significant influence and live from your core purpose, you need to tap into your unique voice.

This means getting creative, which in turn means getting vulnerable.

It’s not possible to create something meaningful from your head. You create meaningful work from your gut, the depths of who you are. And that is sometimes a scary place to tread, especially if it means sharing from that place.

Go on, I dare you: be bold and unashamed. Go back and visit all of your ‘wow’ moments, your painful moments, and the cathartic moments that have made you who you are today. Feel them again, and put words to them. Honest words. Then look for the themes, the consistent threads that run through each story.

This, my friend, is your life message. And that message is what the world needs to hear. This is your place of creativity, influence, purpose and fulfilment. This is bold leadership in all of its vulnerable beauty.

Are you creating work that’s authentic? Do you fear vulnerability? Please tell me about it in the comments, or email


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