Woman, You CAN Have It All: 7 life hacks for a fulfilling career and functional family life

If you are anything like me, you are a woman of purpose and influence, with a world- shaking dream and a yearning to contribute your true gift. But you still want to honour your femininity, care for your family, breathe in beauty, nurture your relationships, and love yourself.

Regardless of what your family life looks like, almost all women feel pulled in many directions.

The good news is that there is a way you can be personally and professionally fulfilled, without sacrificing your femininity, style and passion. There is a way to find congruency between your home and work life, and to bring your whole and authentic self to the table in every forum.

Too many women sacrifice the health of themselves of their families in pursuit of professional fulfilment. Or, they sacrifice their fulfilment and purpose in pursuit of a healthy family life. The truth is, you are at your most effective and fulfilled when you find harmony and flow between all the components of your life.

People often ask me how I juggle things, so I wrote these 7 principles that I personally build my life on.

I hope it helps you, and please share it – there are women who desperately need to hear this, and a world that needs them to shine!

Click the image below to get your copy of the booklet (select the check-box to receive 7 Life Hacks for a Fulfilling Career and Functional Family Life):


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