Do You Feel That You Need More Knowledge to Pursue Your Dreams?

Be honest, have you ever procrastinated DOING by pursuing more LEARNING?

If you’re not careful, this constant pursuit for more and more knowledge can stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Why? Because knowledge is only power when we apply it!

In the quest for more knowledge and more qualifications, we can fool ourselves into thinking that we are making forward progress when actually we are spinning our wheels.

The best learning comes through ACTION.

If you don’t do something with what you learn, it is of little use to you.

If you did something today with the knowledge you acquired yesterday, would you be closer to your goals?

I live by this principle and I challenge you to do the same: before you sign up to your next resource or course, DO SOMETHING with what you learnt in the last resource or course. Apply this discipline, and you will appropriate what you learn and you will move forward.

Are you unclear on what action you can take to implement what you already know?

If so, send me a note via the form below. This is my specialty, and I can help you get crystal clear on your goals, your current resources, and what you need to do to move forward. I’m offering this 1:1 Next Steps Strategy Session free for a short time. Perhaps your first ACTION is to take me up on the offer 🙂


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