How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Out of the Graveyard of Good Intentions

Did you lose your 2014 resolutions in the Graveyard of Good Intentions? Now’s your chance, as you plan for the new year, to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

You need a new way.

You deserve a new way.

You need to know this: Goal setting does not work if you start with the action.

Lose weight. Quit smoking. Read more. Learn a language. Earn more money. End of year goal setting usually starts and finishes with actions like this. And it doesn’t work!

C’mon, you know it doesn’t.

This is because, for sustainable change to take place, MINDSET must precede ACTION.

Did you get that?

WHO WE ARE must precede WHAT WE DO.

At times of reflection and planning, we need to start with re-visiting and re-clarifying our core purpose, our core values, the big WHY of what we’re here on the earth to do and be.

Out of that resounding YES we can then, and only then, define the actions that we need to take.

And here’s the great bonus of goal-setting this way: when we function out of our purpose, and continually come back to our why, we have the motivation we need to sustain change.

Good intentions aren’t enough my friend. Please don’t short-change your potential in 2015. Get clear on who you want to be, and create an action plan around that. I guarantee you’ll have a whole lot more fun than ever before, and see amazing results!

Do you want to kick some serious butt in 2015 but are unsure about how to identify your purpose? Are there so many things that you want to do and be that you’re not sure what to focus on or where to start?
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You DO NOT want to be back in the Graveyard of Good Intentions this time next year!
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