‘Find Your Flow’ Clarity Workshop 9 March*

*If you’ve already received information on this, please note the change of date! 🙂

As a business and leadership coach, I have the privilege of meeting many vibrant, creative, purposeful people. But often they are hindered by one key commonality: they lack clarity.

When we don’t know exactly what we’re doing and why, our ideas frustrate us, we lose confidence, question our capacacity and, tragically, step back and let opportunities pass us by. 

Does that feel familiar to you?

I believe in my bones that the world needs YOUR unique talents, perspective and passion. And you need the joy and fulfilment of offering those things.

Clarity, Find Your Flow Clarity Workshop, Event, Melissa SharmanSo I have created this one-day workshop, for those of you who have a deep desire to do something that matters and are fed up with going through the motions, year after year.

Specifically, the Find Your Flow Clarity Workshop is for you, if:

  1. You have so many ideas you don’t know which one to choose or what to do first;
  2. You feel stuck, discontent and unfulfilled but you have very little or no idea about how to break free;
  3. You know your calling, the one thing that you would love to do, but you are not sure how to go about it.

To find out exactly what is involved in the Find Your Flow Clarity Event, and to register, click here.

And if you are not local to south-east Queensland but would be interested in overcoming similar limitations, send me an email at melissa@melissamsharman.com and we can craft something that reaches you.


Melissa Sharman Business Coach


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