Want a Chance to Re-Write Your History?

In my work as a coach, I often encounter a similar theme. It goes something like this:

‘I am not experienced enough. My skills, talents, passions are not as special as other people’s. There are other people more qualified. I have had more set-backs than wins.’

Have you ever felt held back by these kinds of thoughts?

You are not alone! The truth is, most of those ‘extraordinary’ people you have compared yourself to have felt the same way.

We all have a story: a unique set of experiences, defining moments, talents and passions. It is at the intersection of your professional skill set and your unique story, that genious happens. 

When you create a business or project out of this place of genious, you are in a league of your own! No-one can compete or argue with your story.

To help you find the gold in your story, I have created a simple worksheet that you can download here. If you find it valuable, or if you have any questions or feedback, please send me an email. Your thoughts may help me improve it for the next person.

This worksheet is just the beginning of a new way to define and live your purpose. Click here to schedule a free 15min phone chat, where we can discuss how to apply what you’ve discovered … and re-write your FUTURE!


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