Are your dreams taking longer than you hoped?

Most of the best things in life take time. In a microwave society, we forget this. We live with an expectation that if we can conceive it, we shall have it. Instantly.

I talk a lot about fulfiment and effectiveness : knowing your purpose and how to implement it. What is said less often – what is less enticing – is that filfilment and effectiveness are undergirded by wholeness. And wholeness takes time.

It takes time to develop character, capacity, maturity, wisdom, clarity. Yet these are the hallmarks of the kind of success that leaves a lasting legacy and changes the world. By the way, they’re also generally learnt the hard way and developed under pressure.

If you want to make a meaningful difference, to be more than a one shot wonder, then I encourage you to breathe. Pace yourself. Commit for the long haul. Trust the seasons.

Your business will grow, your life will flourish, and it will probably take a lot longer than you would like and look very different than you expect. Take heart, it is just as it is meant to be.

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Melissa Sharman Business Coach


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