If Your Purpose Were To Call You, This Is What He Would Say…

You know that niggling voice deep in your gut that says, ‘There must be more to life than this’? That’s your purpose calling.

And when purpose calls, he asks you to step out of your comfort zone, back from the status-quo, to envision a new way of doing life. He asks you to dare believe that your voice, your skill, your experience, your talent, your passion is valuable, adequate and necessary.

How do you respond to purpose calling? Do you drown him out with iPhone alarms, bloated to-do lists and never-ending striving for the next best thing?

Or do you stop and listen, make space, dare to dream?

Melissa Sharman Business Coach



I work with professional people to converge their unique purpose with skilled implementation, so they can be both highly effective AND deeply fulfilled. To find out whether we can uncover that place of genius for you, schedule a 15 minute phone chat here.


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