When Everyday Life Gets in the Way of Your Purpose

Are you busy going through the motions, responding to demands, filling up your days with endless tasks and rarely finding the space or energy for the projects that feel meaningful to you?

Or do you live with a strong sense of purpose, a clearly-defined end-game, a deep intrinsic sense of calling that gives you the power to determine what you do and don’t do with your time?

My sense is that most of us live somewhere between these two extremes. Because, no matter how on-purpose you are, everyday monotonous life still needs to happen. And so we exist in a tension. And the tension can be frustrating as hell.

The tension can cause us to second-guess ourselves and our purpose. It can cause us to bail out too early – to change gears, jump ship to the newer brighter model – right at the cusp of our breakthrough.

I know how it feels. Last week, I was training social entrepreneurs in Laos and Cambodia in small business and community development with Metamorphic. Today, I was packing school lunches, washing clothes and walking the dog.

If you feel internally wired and outwardly deflated, this post is a reminder for you : who you are is not in what you do. Purpose, prosperity, success and calling are not determined by your bank balance or what you did with your hands and time today (though these will definitely be affected by your purpose). Purpose, prosperity, success and calling are decided and built from the inside out. 

I am a platform builder, called to create opportunities for others to step up to their own significance – whether that’s my children, my clients, leaders in the developing world, or organisations I work with.

Who are you? Knowing and remembering your purpose will help you to stay planted and flourish, even in the tension.


Melissa Sharman Business Coach



I work with professional people to converge their unique purpose with skilled implementation, so that they can be highly effective and deeply fulfilled. To find out whether we can uncover that place of genius for you, schedule a 15 minute phone chat here.


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