The Truth About Creativity

I have shared the story above in an attempt to demonstrate, through both the words and the imperfect delivery of a spoken-word poem, that creativity is not artistry.

You and I, we are both creative. We may not both be artists. We can think that creativity is for those with evident artistic talent and suitably bohemian outfits: the painter and poet, the sculptor and songstress. And if we don’t fit the ‘artistic personality’ stereotype, we buy in to the lie that we are excused from creativity.

Let me ask you this: Are you human? If so, you are creative. To create simply means to craft something new. It is this creative ability that sets us apart as a human race, and it is this ability that will set you apart as a leader worth following, and as highly effective and deeply fulfilled professional. 

Creativity digs deeper than the surface-level status-quo. It requires tuning in to what is not immediately apparent, and this requires us to first clear the ‘white space’ that allows creativity to rise. Climb a tree. Breathe. Rediscover your emotional landscape. Be human. Just be.

This is you: connected, creative. This is the convergence of genius, where your best and most fulfilling work is conceived.

Enjoy it!

Melissa Sharman Business Coach



I work with professional people to converge their unique purpose with skilled implementation, so that they can be highly effective and deeply fulfilled. To find out whether we can uncover that place of genius for you, schedule a 15 minute phone chat here.


One thought on “The Truth About Creativity

  1. Dear Melissa You have ‘creatively connected – your inner journey and progression with our perceptions’ giving us an appreciated glimpse of parts of your unique story entwined within its essence an encouraging call for us to also be creative within His creation by the talents and courage that only He can give. . . . Peter

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