Do You Struggle to Articulate Your Unique Message?

What makes you unique? And how will you share your unique message with the world?

As a coach, so many of my talks with clients and friends come back to this question of how to clarify their purpose, articulate their brand, or form their IP.

There are certain questions and processes that I take people through to help them uncover the answers to these questions. Today I’m sharing Marie Forleo‘s process, because I think you will love it:

Did this help you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Melissa Sharman Business Coach

I work with professional people to converge their unique purpose with skilled implementation, so that they can be both highly effective and deeply fulfilled. To find out whether we can uncover that place of genius for you, schedule a 15 minute phone chat here.



2 thoughts on “Do You Struggle to Articulate Your Unique Message?

  1. A good adage: AIDA – Attention (Say, show something unusual), Interest (Try by a plethora of ideas focused into one or two specifics), Desire (Get them to want to do it – make it plausible), Action (Get the audience to take it NOW what you want them to do – make a commitment, sponsor, buy something, support something, etc)
    Good advertising, marketing, selling, profit making or doing His work lead by the HS.

  2. I agree that everyone has a message to share but as you said unfortunately many people do not know how to share their story. You have a great way of showing the how to’s. Keep up the great work.

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