Are You Fulfilled, Really?

We all seem to be busy chasing after something: a clean house, functioning children, love, romance, status, money, adventure, influence, fame… The list is as long as there are people on the planet.

In our busyness, we behave as though our fulfilment – our long sought-after ‘happiness’ – lies in the things that we chase.

Have we paused to consider the merits of this belief?

What if we stopped for a moment, right now, to breathe: to fill our lungs with oxygen and gratitude, and to exhale out expectations, striving and fear?

What if, in a moment of stillness, we began to rediscover what we really want?

Beyond the clamour of all that we chase, what does your heart truly long for? Is it to leave a legacy? To make the world a better place? To freely express your creativity, or use up every ounce of your skill? To move someone toward the light with your story?

Whatever it is, if you found it in the quiet when you paused from the chasing, it is your purpose: the keeper of your fulfilment and worthy of your investment.

“The journey to fulfilment becomes less scary once there is a clarity of purpose.” Bidemi Mark-Mordi

Melissa Sharman Business Coach

I coach professional people to converge their unique purpose with skilled implementation, so they can be both effective and fulfilled.

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