What is your thing?

As with anything else, it is a journey, this ‘thing-finding’; a life-long and constantly evolving journey.

But how great are the rewards, if only we could find the courage!

It strikes me, given the astounding variety within humanity, that there must be a reason for our uniqueness, a purpose for our passions. Why else do they exist? Colour, creativity, life – that is what we are here to embrace. And it is simply not enough for me to be less than all of that.

I am leaning in close here, to tell you a secret. Are you listening? There is a thing, deep inside of you, that makes your eyes light up and your heartbeat quicken. Its voice may have been drowned out long ago by accusations, doubt and circumstances, but it still whispers.

It is the unique fingerprint of creative life in you, and your connection to eternal significance. It whispers that you are marked for greatness – in whatever way greatness looks for you.

Finding our thing is made very complicated by our judgments, shame and fear. But really, it is as simple as this: What lights you up?

I give you full permission to relish whatever comes to mind here. Sure, acknowledge the rational thoughts that shut down the lights – the ‘o, that’s silly; what will they think of me; I don’t have time; it’s impossible’ thoughts. And then put them aside.

Now, there are more important voices to attend to. Dream! Think about your thing, imagine it, write it down, draw a picture, explore it, learn about it. Who knows what doors your openness will open?

Here’s to the dreaming,

Melissa Sharman Business Coach




This post is an excerpt from an article I published elsewhere some time ago. These days, I call the ‘thing’ that lights us up ‘purpose’, and I coach professional people to converge their unique purpose with skilled implementation, so they can be both effective and fulfilled.

If this article resonates with you, get fortnightly updates so you don’t miss the next one. 

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