Are you being led or driven?

Purpose leads. It doesn’t drive.

Are you driven by a sense of inadequacy, by a fear of failing, by the need to prove yourself, by the demands and expectations of others?

Or are you led by open-hearted curiosity, by fire-in-your-belly passion, by pure love for the task, by a deep sense of calling?

Being driven is externally motivated, by a concern for circumstance and the opinion of others.

Being led is internally motivated, by strong self-awareness and a commitment to integrity.

One needs to control, to perform, to strive. The other is free to explore, to fail, to start again.

I’ve pitched my tent in both camps, and I know which I’d prefer. How about you, are you being led or driven in your pursuit of purpose and fulfilment?

Melissa Sharman Business Coach

I coach professional people to converge their unique purpose with skilled implementation, so they can be both effective and fulfilled.

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