What if your answer is to work LESS, not more?

Are you running in a constant state of overwhelm? Surviving on adrenaline? Every workday this week is already accounted for with meetings and deadlines. Every weekend into next month holds a pre-committed social engagement. You bear, rather than cherish, the dinner / bed routine with the family, just holding it all together until you get a few moments to yourself at the very end of the day…

It’s just life, right, being always busy? It’s noble, isn’t it, to live at the very edge of capacity, spending all of your potential in pursuit of your dreams? It certainly feels adventurous, important even.

As a business coach, I’m all about people increasing their capacity for effectiveness and fulfilment. My entire life’s work is about helping organisations and individuals perform at their best. But in this industry of self improvement, and this age of unlimited opportunity, there is a voice that has been lost to the winds of ambition.

It is the voice that says, ‘What if pursuing your purpose means stepping back from some of the impressive projects, to invest again in the simple things that are truly significant?’

It is the voice that reminds us that our bodies are not designed for constant adrenal overload; that good rest, home-cooked food, sunshine and fresh air, quiet time and the affection of loved ones are not niceties, but rather fundamental ingredients to an effective and fulfilled life.

Where can you create margin in your schedule – your relationships – your environment – and your mind? The effective pursuit of your purpose depends on it.

Melissa Sharman Business Coach

PS: We are in this together, I need this reminder too!

I coach professional people to converge their unique purpose with skilled implementation, so they can be both effective and fulfilled.

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