Why You Can Admit That You Can’t Do It All

On Sunday I heard Geoff Wilson speak, an Australian adventurer who broke a record in 2014 for his 3,400km solo expedition across Antarctica. One of his principles for living with ‘true grit’ was to identify your gifts, then create uplinks to support your areas of weakness. That is, figure out where you fall short and go in search of the people who have strength in those areas to help and mentor you.

This is counter to the insidious belief in our culture that says it is weak to admit our weaknesses; that asking for help when some part of our business, career, family, health, emotions or relationships feels too hard for us, is somehow a sign of inadequacy.

Your greatest strength, deepest courage, and best adventures, lie in owning both your strengths and your weaknesses, and then actively seeking others to help plug the gaps. You were never meant to shine alone.

Melissa Sharman Business Coach

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One thought on “Why You Can Admit That You Can’t Do It All

  1. Very correct. We were never created to be able to figure out everything and do everything well.
    What will happen if everybody were their own doctor, cleaner, grocer etc?
    when I admit my weaknesses it keeps me humble and I can count on others to help me out because I then begin to appreciate what they can offer me.

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