Escape Busy

News flash: Your busyness is not serving anyone.

Sure, it may serve your ego; your sense of importance; your need to seek the approval of others through your accomplishments.

But only the intentional and focussed application of your purpose will cause you to create the kind of meaningful impact you long to have; cause you to be effective and fulfilled.

What is your focus today? Your most important (not urgent) work? 

And what do you need to say no to, to make space for that work?

What if saying ‘no’ to some of the busy is your highest act of service? Because your unique contribution and voice – the thing you bring to the table in a way that no-one else can – is what, in the long run, will have the meaningful impact you dream of.

Are you finding it difficult to pin-point exactly what is truly important to you? A Discovery Session can help with that! Visit here to learn more and schedule your free 20 minute Discovery Session with me this month. 

I believe in you!

Melissa Sharman Business Coach

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