Who Do You Think You Are?

So you’ve heard a new idea, learnt some new information, finally become fed-up with where you’re at, and you are absolutely motivated that – this time – you are going to make the change. Build the business, lose the weight, master the skill, eat healthier, stress less, travel more…

You tell your friends, you’re feeling pumped.

And then, before you know it, you’ve fallen back into the same old habits and another goal has failed to take hold.

Familiar? I’m pretty certain we’ve all been there!

Here’s the thing: What you believe about yourself – not what you do – is what will shape your life. We put so much emphasis on changing our behaviour, and these changes are often worthwhile and important. But if your actions are not in harmony with your deeply held beliefs, they will not be sustained.

If you see yourself as a smoker or an over-eater, your best efforts to curb those habits are unlikely to stick over time.

If you think of yourself as lazy and incompetent you will, eventually, behave that way.

If you believe that you are not cut out for business and you don’t have what it takes, even the fanciest marketing strategy will at some point fall flat.

If you’re always hitting the same ceilings, maybe the problem isn’t another circumstance that needs to change, or another skill, habit or behaviour you need to adjust. Maybe a more effective starting place is to ask yourself this:

Who do I truly, at the core of my soul, believe I am?

And what outcome and lifestyle do I believe I am worth?

Go to work on your beliefs, and allow your actions to be shaped by them, and the changes you desire will begin to stick.

I believe in you!

Melissa Sharman Business Coach


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