My Story

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I am, at my core, a platform builder: one who seeks to lift others up – individuals and organisations alike – to their own unique podium of significance.
My career journey has many scenic vistas, winding roads and apparent detours (meaning, I wear many hats!) but, ultimately, all roads lead to this one end: to help people overcome their limitations and forge their own unique adventures, connected to wholeness, community and nature.
For me, there is little more fulfilling than this.As a business coach, I love the moment when the light comes on in a client’s eyes, as they discover what has been holding them back, and what they can do to move forward
Similarly, as a speaker and writer, it is a great privilege to impart inspiration and clarity through a word or story that resonates deeply in the hearts and minds of the audience. Magic happens when we embrace the vulnerability of our authentic stories – whether of triumph or pain – and share them with others.
Then there’s the bottom line: the best intention and most passionately upheld cause will flounder in the second half if it isn’t undergirded with strong systems and processes. As a business manager in the not-for-profit and international development sectors, I am absolutely committed to helping cause-rich organisations structure for growth through effective accounting systems, financial integrity, and operational efficiency.
There is a colourful side of business management too: I manage marketing teams, and oversee social media and web-based communications. I have the pleasure of working with creative teams to pull marketing and design projects together, by directing film and photo shoots, art directing design and content creation, and tying it all into a cohesive whole through project management and leadership.
I am currently working toward my Masters in Sustainable Agriculture, to build a voice in the area of food security and the economic, environmental and social sustainability of industrial agriculture. For me, it is about making food local and healthy for the environment and our bodies, while educating and empowering our communities to support local growers and make intentional food choices. This needs to be tackled at both a grass-roots and a policy level, and I hope to be an advocate for the former and contributor to the latter, both at home in Australia and in the developing world through my work with Metamorphic.


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