What People Are Saying

I found my coaching sessions with Melissa extremely beneficial. Melissa is great at getting to the heart of things and getting me to see things I could not have seen for myself without her coaching and guidance. She kept me on track and accountable for the things that I said I was going to do, which is more than half the battle. She boosted my confidence and I feel a lot more motivated since the coaching. I would highly recommend Melissa as a coach.

Louise Harrison, Consultant & Project Leader

Melissa is inspiring, articulate and reflective. She was able to draw out my skills and enable me to define how I could use these to develop my project. Her summary and action plan were incredibly helpful as I was then able to implement the goals we had discussed at the session. Melissa has skills that I would recommend and an ability to communicate which is clear and concise. I loved going on this journey with Melissa. I am well equipped to take the ‘step up’ I need to be able to continue with the plans we have developed.

Elizabeth Stennett, Business Owner & Crisis Care Coordinator

Melissa is inspirational and is able to put plans in place that allow individuals to achieve their dreams. She takes what seems abstract and unattainable and develops simple, concrete, methods that show you that your goals are realistic and can be pursued. She pays attention to detail and takes the effort in understanding you and your purpose. I believe she is a ‘kick-starter’ for those who fall into procrastination and a necessity for those who require guidance and direction for their future ambitions.

Joanne Mountford, Educator

I have engaged Melissa in a one on one coaching session and I have to say she is a remarkable coach, both inspiring and solution orientated. During our session Melissa was able to guide me to clarity, I felt that she helped me sift through the abundant ideas and information, and together we formulated a foundation on which I will be able to build from. I walked away from the session feeling focused and ready to action. I found Melissa to be warm and approachable. I felt her area of expertise shone through in her questioning and understanding of where I needed to go in order to gain clarity and focus. Her impeccable manner and professionalism stood out throughout our time together. I would highly recommend Melissa for a leadership/professional coaching session. Thank you Melissa!

Dawn Osborne, Entrepreneur & Mentor

Melissa is an exceptional Business Manager and Consultant, resourceful, innovative and passionately committed to growing organisations. Her ability as a trainer and coach enables her to not only manage but lead and empower her fellow team members. If you want to grow a healthy vibrant organisation then you should recruit Melissa to transform your team and business. Highly recommended.

Lindsay Clarke, CEO 

Melissa is an exceptional presenter and speaker. During 2014 Melissa was a Speaker at a National Leadership Conference sharing her passion on Bold Leadership. Melissa provided an informative and engaging presentation on the core themes of bold leadership. If you would like to grow your business or yourself within core themes of bold leadership, Melissa can work with you and your team to transform your business. Highly Recommended.

Andrew Wachtel, General Manager