Business Management

Are the finance and operations of your organisation in their best shape for efficiency and growth?

If reporting to your board and stakeholders on financial and operational efficiency makes you nervous, perhaps I can help as this is my specialty.
I understand that organisations need to operate efficiently, but as a result often lack the expertise they require to structure for growth.
As an experienced business manager in the not-for-profit and corporate arenas, I am in a unique position to offer my services in a consultant or contractor capacity.
I am able to assist your organisation to build financial and operational systems that structure for growth and scale, ensure financial integrity, and provide effective and transparent financial reporting to your board and stakeholders.
What’s the benefit for you?
The benefit of engaging my services is that you are not obliged to take on the overheads of an additional staff member, providing a cost-effective and flexible solution to your business management needs.
What are your options?
If you are not sure what your organisation needs to move to the next stage of growth, you can engage me as a consultant. In this capacity, I will provide recommendations and work with you to implement them.
If you do know what your organisation needs, you can engage me as a contractor to deliver your required objectives across a short, medium or long term arrangement.
For an obligation-free discussion of your organisation’s business management needs, simply email me on or call 0404 842 645.