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As educated, competent professionals, we do important work. But do you remember what all those hours spent at the grindstone are actually for?
Many of us have lost touch with the sense of meaning and purpose in our work. We lead full lives, but are not fulfilled.
Yet we still need to put food on the table. Heck, most of us want to do much more than that – we want to hit our targets and then some; be massively effective so we can live with freedom and leave a legacy.
It is possible to be both highly effective and deeply fulfilled. Take me up on this offer, and I will show you how.
In this free 1 hour coaching session, you will:
  • Figure out what you really want (What is a fulfilled life anyway?)
  • Identify the blockages that are holding you back
  • Cut the confusion and procrastination by knowing exactly what you need to do next to move forward
  • Walk away feeling inspired and re-energised, with a fresh dose of confidence and clarity
“Melissa is inspirational and is able to put plans in place that allow individuals to achieve their dreams. She takes what seems abstract and unattainable and develops simple, concrete, methods that show you that your goals are realistic and can be pursued.”
– Joanne, Educator


The Effective & Fulfilled coaching session is for professional people who are established in their careers but have forgotten what they are in it for. You are a busy, competent person but your work lacks a sense of meaning and purpose. Your life is FULL, but you are not fulfilled.
This offer is also for those passionate professionals who do deeply fulfilling, heart-based work but lack the structure and strategy that is conducive to growth and scale. You may be fulfilled, but there is a limit on your effectiveness, leading to a constant sense of frustration, striving, confusion and even overwhelm.
You have landed in a safe place. I have experienced life in both of these spaces, and am now committed to leading people like you to discover the same convergence between effectiveness and fulfilment, unique purpose and strategic implementation, as I have been blessed to discover. My clients are business owners, creatives, organisations structuring for growth, and social entrepreneurs.
“I found my coaching sessions with Melissa extremely beneficial. Melissa is great at getting to the heart of things and getting me to see things I could not have seen for myself without her coaching and guidance. She boosted my confidence and I feel a lot more motivated since the coaching.”
– Louise, Project Leader


Glad you asked, because it’s E.A.S.Y!
  1. Click the button below, which will take you to my on-line diary on Time Trade.
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  3. All being well, on our 15 minute call we will schedule a mutually-beneficial time and place for your coaching session (or exchange Skype contacts if you’re not local). I will also answer any questions you may have about coaching, what to bring, how to prepare, etc.

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“I have engaged Melissa in a one on one coaching session and I have to say she is a remarkable coach, both inspiring and solution orientated. During our session Melissa was able to guide me to clarity, I felt that she helped me sift through the abundant ideas and information, and together we formulated a foundation on which I will be able to build from. I walked away from the session feeling focused and ready to action.”
– Dawn, Entrepreneur and Mentor
 I look forward to speaking with you soon!
Business Coach, Melissa Sharman

Melissa Sharman Business Coach