My Story

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I am a writer, communicator and writing coach with a background in business management, particularly in the not-for-profit sector.

Currently, my professional energies are spent in writing and communications for a global not-for-profit organisation. Here, I happily spend my days collecting and editing stories, crafting corporate messaging, and designing communications strategies.

Over the past 5 years I have been privileged to partner with Metamorphic, another international organisation, in which my great loves for social enterprise, human empowerment and the Church have found their home.

Beginning my time at Metamorphic as a social media volunteer, I progressed to managing the finance and operations of this global organisation, including the set up of financial systems and reporting structures and the oversight of several international teams. I also deliver training to community leaders in the developing world.

Throughout my career, I have helped numerous people to write, edit and publish books. I have also published several of my own works. This experience, combined with my business coaching certification and business management background, has enabled me to provide a unique coaching service specifically for writers. We work together to strategise, plan, write, edit and publish a book that is genuine, professional and marketable.

I am currently working toward my Masters in Sustainable Agriculture, with the aim of becoming an advocate for food security and the economic, environmental and social sustainability of industrial agriculture. For me, it is about making food local and healthy for the environment and our bodies, while educating and empowering our communities to support local growers and make intentional food choices. This needs to be tackled at both a grass-roots and a policy level, and I hope to be an advocate for the former and contributor to the latter, both at home in Australia and in the developing world.

To contact me about writing, coaching, sustainability or any other relevant topic, feel free to pop me a note here 🙂

My Books

Divorce, self-help, On Top, Melissa Sharman, Valentines Day Effective and Fulfilled, Book, Melissa Sharman, Coach