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YOU… On-purpose. Fulfilled. Influential. 

It doesn’t have to be either/or. You can have a fulfilling career AND a happy personal and family life. Here’s 7 life principals to help you nail it.

BOLD Leadership: Your Ticket to Greater Influence, Effectiveness and Fulfilment

Do you want maximum influence, effectiveness and fulfilment in your life and leadership?

My manifesto on BOLD Leadership will show you what boldness is, how it relates to leadership, and the character traits that you need to be a powerfully influential BOLD leader.

The Bold and Beautiful

You can have a meaningful life of influence, without sacrificing your personality. Watch this MetaTalk to find out how.

Overcome Your Limitations

Learn how to smash mediocrity and step up to a new level of effectiveness with this inspiring video.

Divorce, self-help, On Top, Melissa Sharman, Valentines Day

Divorce, loss and other life crises can find us unprepared, overwhelmed and broken. This deeply personal and inspiring e-book is an expression of the lessons learnt on my own journey through a divorce, and is written for anyone who wants to overcome their limitations and live their best, bold and audacious life.

On Top will challenge your limited mindsets, inspire you to dream again, and give practical tips for creating a lifestyle that supports your healing. You will see that it is possible to turn any journey into a catalyst that makes you stronger.

Insightful, inspiring and helpful. Well written from the heart, personal experience poured out on the page with the sole purpose of encouraging others. A book I will be recommending – Reader review

Available now for around $5 on Amazon